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Digital estate dysfunction

Corporations, universities and governments run sprawling networks of websites, social media accounts and other digital content.

These digital estates are typically poorly understood and measures of their online effectiveness are lacking.

We're working to fix both problems.

Needles and haystacks

A robust website crawler drives discovery: tested and tuned to navigate complex webpages and track down relevant digital content. We process all the JavaScript we encounter to ensure no needles get missed.

And, each discovery exercise can be fine tuned with input parameters and matching criteria.

Mapping the content maze

We uncover the websites, microsites, subsites, profile pages, old campaigns, test sites, staging sites, abandoned projects, social media accounts and other content in a digital estate.

And map the connections our discovery algorithm finds as it grinds through the dozens, hundreds or even thousands of related websites.

Keeping it relevant

Our discovery algorithms are smart, keeping the search relentlessly focused on relevant content.

But, when they aren't smart enough, we check our URL reference database: hundreds of thousands of websites and who they really belong to.

That way we deliver relevant digital estate discovery results.

Collecting data to deliver insights

As we survey each site we collect data. Lots of data.

We inspect the data to extract actionable insights, to understand how effectively content addresses its audiences and tells an organization's stories.

Our evolving framework to measure online effectiveness is called Digital eQ.

Generating Insights

Supporting the discovery algorithms are hundreds of inspection rules to parse and measure code, content and technologies.

They let us tell you if pages are accessible, provide a good user experience, contain old content or can't collect visitor feedback.

They assess online effectiveness

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